Custom order mask

$80.00 - $250.00

If you see this you're in the cool kid's club. You may have seen one of my pieces on TikTok/FB or IG or we talked about a specific mask idea you had. These are the custom masks that aren't my common fare, and made to order.

Custom/commissioned pieces are rare so I can manage burn out and get you a high quality order in a timely fashion. johntwyghyde @ gmail.com is the place to reach out if we're not discussing on the socials.

Definitely no medical claims on these, they're all about decoration and looks. I recommend wearing a cloth mask underneath (you'll have room to do so!) The varying options listed are a conversation on how you'd like this to work, extra ventilation, painting - even your own custom sculpture request.

Thank you for trusting me to help you get your creative needs met!